Shake these sparkly Ice Pom-Poms! | Source: KESS/the Toy Insider

These Ice Pom-Poms from KESS will knock your socks off. Kids of all ages love pompoms, but these are especially eye-catchingly cool!

These iridescent streamers sparkle as you shake them. Kids can use these pompoms for TikTok dances or at-home dance parties, add them to a costume for some extra flair (try cutting a hole in an old baseball hat and placing the handle through the hole so the streamers can fall over the outside for a funny wig effect!), or shake them on the sidelines at the soccer game or the town parade. If your kids are older, they can fix them to the car for prom night or graduation day celebrations. Alternatively, toddlers can use them as a sensory play accessory. There are so many ways to play with these pompoms!

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These are also great for gift baskets. Place them at the bottom of a basket, and the streamers serve as basket filler while also being a gift! Other play ideas include affixing the pompoms to a flat surface, so the streamers hang down, then kids can drive toy cars through the strands as a pretend car wash or any other fun imaginative play. They can also double as decorations when tied to wooden stakes and placed into the ground — as the wind blows, the pompoms provide a sparkly entrance to a party (then double as take-home party favors!).

Whatever way your kids use them, pompoms like these can be such a fun play prop that can bring a lot of imagination, indoors and out!

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