Print instant photos with the KidiZoom PrintCam. | Source: VTech

Leave a shiny, expensive camera out where kids can see it and they’ll probably try to snatch it, play with it, and maybe even accidentally break it. No need to worry about protecting your tech gear when you can give kids a camera of their own that’s even more fun to use than the grownup versions.

VTech’s KidiZoom PrintCam is designed for kids ages 4-11 with a wide range of features for different ages, such as the instant-print camera; videos; a comic strip maker; templates for small craft projects, tiny greeting cards, and printable games; video games that kids can play on the screen; and more. It comes in blue or a Target-exclusive pink version.

Flip up the lens to point it backward and take selfies. | Source: VTech

Parents can help kids load the included paper roll into the camera and then all kids have to do is point and click to take photos of anything and everything. The camera has a 2.4-inch color screen so kids can frame their subject matter and see exactly how their photo will turn out. They can even take panoramic prints or flip up the lens to take selfies while still giving them a clear view of the screen. Kids can save their photos; add special effects, stamps, filters, and borders; or just print them au natural by pressing the button with a printer on it. The photo will print right out of the front of the camera in just a few seconds and kids can tear it right off. 

Although the special effects and photos appear in color on the screen, the camera prints everything in black and white, so kids can use their own art supplies to color in the photos however they’d like. There’s also an option to turn the photos into coloring pages that create an outline of the subjects for kids to color in. This makes the toy even more fun than a regular camera because it adds tons of additional activities to keep kids interested long after they snap a photo.

Print black-and-white photos or templates to color in. | Source: VTech

The KidiZoom PrintCam has more than 100 photo effects and activities in total. Kids can also record videos, giving them the freedom to create their own movies or capture good times with friends that they can rewatch later. They can also print out activities or make their own comic strips complete with speech bubbles, frames, stamps, and filters. After kids print out the pages, they can keep them as loose pages or staple them all together like a pocket-size activity book. The included paper roll can print up to 80 pages, but that can go quickly if kids have a trigger finger on the print button — although parents do have the ability to set printing limits. VTech also offers Paper Refill Packs with both regular paper and sticker paper.

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Kids don’t have to print everything out though: There are also three video games they can play directly on the camera’s screen, with challenges including matching crystals, doing tricks as circus performers, and climbing trees with a baby sloth. Parents can use the parental controls to set daily time limits or turn the games off if they want to limit screen time.

The KidiZoom PrintCam has a strap that makes it easy to hold and carry. | Source: VTech

Planning a weekend getaway or a big vacation this summer? The KidiZoom PrintCam makes a great travel toy. Not only will it keep kids occupied on the car or plane ride to your destination with the games and activities, but they can also use it to take snaps of priceless memories. The set has a microSD card slot that parents can use to increase storage with a larger memory card, and comes with a USB cable to charge the battery and transfer the full-color photos and videos to a computer.

Wherever kids go, they can capture creativity with this activity-packed camera, and they might even develop a lifelong love of photography along the way.

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