Over two decades ago, in 2000, American Girl released its seventh historical character, Kit Kittredge, as the world faced a new millennium and a stock market crash. Twenty-three years later, the story of Kit comes at a valuable economic time for kids and their families as American Girl releases Kit Kittredge’s Special Edition Birthday Collection.

Kit, her dog, and her scooter are back! | Source: Mattel/The Toy Insider

Kit’s story is one of perseverance and resourcefulness as her father loses his job in the Great Depression era and her family turns their home into a boarding house to make money. At first, Kit is resentful of the changes and the chores, but soon learns that life is what you make of it. Rather than focus on the negative, she learns to adapt. Kit finds lessons in life and in the stories of others that she meets. It is a valuable topic about money, family, and strength of character in hard times—and it’s a timely story for kids to learn.

Mattel has re-released Kit and parts of her original collection in this special birthday tribute, which includes a 18-inch Kit doll that matches the original doll from 2000. A fun fact is that Kit was the first historical doll to have short hair, which she still sports in a blond bob style.

Kit Kittredge’s Special Edition Birthday Collection celebrates Kit’s 100th Birthday! | Source: Mattel/The Toy Insider

Her blue eyes complement her short-sleeved lavender knit sweater, a matching long-sleeved lavender knit cardigan, a floral-print linen pleated skirt, and a pair of ivory-hued canvas T-strap sandals. Accessories include a white crocheted cloche hat, a golden-metal compass necklace, a woven purse with embroidered flowers, a cloth handkerchief, and a replica metal Buffalo nickel coin.

Also enclosed in the set is a reprint of the original ‘Meet Kit’ book. It contains a special 100th-birthday introduction from author Valerie Tripp. Why a 100th birthday tribute? Because Kit’s story is that she was born in May 1923!

Many of the classic Kit outfits and accessories are re-released! | Source: Mattel/The Toy Insider

Other sold-separately accessories include the fan-favorite scooter, lunch box, Grace the dog, and the classic birthday outfits and pajamas. The doll retails for $150 on the American Girl website and in its stores. While the cost of the doll may be cost-prohibitive for some families; there are many second-hand dolls, books, DVDs, and other lower price point accessories on Amazon, eBay, or Etsy where kids can learn about Kit, her story, and the lessons that both evoke. Also, contact local parenting groups or Facebook Marketplace groups for dolls that need a new home.

Whether a new doll or a gently loved one, Kit’s story is timeless —and her special collection is timely too. It is a valuable opportunity for discussion, sharing stories, and supporting others in today’s world.


Curious and determined, Kit Kittredge is always on the lookout for a story — but she never dreamed that the hard times of the Depression would become her own story. This special collection includes the 18-inch Kit doll that matches the original doll from 2000. She has blue eyes and a blonde bob styled with…

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