Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes premieres on Disney Junior and Disney+ this month. | Source: eOne

A new show from Hasbro’s entertainment studio eOne is bringing dancing, martial arts, and friendship to Disney Junior and Disney+ this month.

Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes stars the young Kiya, a 7-year-old African girl with a love for dancing and martial arts who’s ready to save the day with her newfound superpowers. When she and her friends Jay and Motsie put on their mystical Kimoja crystal headbands, they transform into superheroes! Kiya becomes Dance Ninja, Jay becomes Flying Rockstar, and Motsie becomes Tech Racer. Together, the Kimoja Heroes will have to save the day from any trouble the three Flawed Friends try to stir up.

A trailer for the show features all the action and fun kids can expect when they watch the premiere! | Source: eOne

The new show features a cast of characters and landscapes inspired by Southern Africa. The characters featured in Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes were originally adapted from characters created by South Africans Marc Dey and Kelly Dillon. With dancing, music, and plenty of excitement, kids can learn to deal with issues like jealousy, envy, and competitiveness in a fun and open way. 

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Kiya & the Kimoja Heroes premieres on Disney Junior and Disney+ on March 22 so kids won’t have to wait long to meet their new favorite superhero. In the meantime, they can watch the trailer and practice their coolest fight moves, like Kiya’s Pirouette Pow!

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