Test your fidget-flinging skills with this fun game! | Source: PlayMonster/the Toy Insider

Grownups may remember the popular Koosh from the ’80s, but now it’s back as a hot toy to collect for a new generation. PlayMonster is revamping classic Koosh fun with the brand new Koosh Sharp Shot!

This game tests your fidget-flinging skills and includes a 16-by-16-inch purple target, two flingers, two 2-inch Koosh ball shooters, a support stand, and a hanging strap. You can use the included support stand for surface play or use the belt to hang it in the air!

The Sharp Shot is portable, too. Just take off the leg stands and toss the target into a beach bag for a fun day at the park, playground, beach, or backyard. Make sure to pack three AA (not included) batteries to keep the fun going.

With the Koosh Sharp Shot, kids can play at home or play on the go! | Source: PlayMonster/the Toy Insider

The interactive Sharp Shot target explains the game’s rules, points earned, and whose turn it is. It even gloats and eggs on players in a fun way! Kids can play solo with the computer or with an in-real-life friend. There are three game modes: Criss Cross, Lightning Flash, and Target Toss.

In Criss Cross, players aim to sling the Koosh to a circle on the target. When the Koosh connects, it lights up green, and the opponent’s target lights up red. If a player accidentally hits the mark again, the light goes out and becomes open play. Alternatively, players can try to hit the opponent’s target and take it from them by turning it from their red to green again. The goal is to connect three targets to win with one chance per round.

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In the Lighting Flash game, players aim to score the most points in three rounds by slinging the Koosh onto the moving target for a point. Each player gets three chances per turn.

In the game Target Toss, whoever scores the most points in three rounds wins. Each player gets three shots per turn, and the center target is worth double points. When a player earns the point, the target lights up green. The opponent can steal targets by hitting the targets that have already hit, which turns it from green to their red, and they get the points. Don’t worry: You’ll get a chance to try to steal them back in the next round!

Whether kids play solo or on the go, the Koosh Sharp Shot is a fun way to play while sneaking in some hand/eye coordination, manual dexterity, and turn-taking skills. It is a simple way to play, but a great way to connect with family and friends from any generation!

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