Po, the Knight Wandering Blade, Mr. Ping, and others will have to band together to succeed. | Source: DreamWorks

Jack Black returns as food-loving, friendly, and kung-fu-fighting panda Po for the second season of Netflix’s Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight

This season of the animated series will see Po and his friends venturing beyond China in pursuit of the legendary Tianshiang weapons. They’ll need to be quick to get to them before the weasels Veruca and Klaus. The first trailer for the new season just dropped, showing off the team Po will be taking with him (as well as the villains he’ll be facing).

The trailer shows off a number of characters, from heroes to villains. | Source: DreamWorks

Po is traveling with the very best this season: the English knight Wandering Blade, the thief-turned-hero Rukhmini, and Po’s own dad, Mr. Ping. This ragtag band of adventurers will be making the long journey to England and, of course, getting into all sorts of misadventures along the way. 

Between a heist at a museum in India and dealing with an erupting volcano in Central America, there’ll be plenty of action this season. And, for the final episode, a Lunar New Year Special will have Po teaching his companions (and viewers) all about Chinese New Year customs.

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The new season is releasing on Netflix on Jan. 12 with 12 new episodes for kids to watch. New places, new characters, and new adventures await in the second season of Kung Fu Panda: The Dragon Knight!

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