One of my fondest memories as a kid was when I would take horseback riding lessons on a ranch close to my home. Saddling up a horse, smelling freshly cut grass, sipping on some lemonade, and tossing on a large cowboy hat always perked me up after a long day at school. If your kids love horses and the ranch experience as much as I did, but may not be close to a ranch, then the Horse Club Large Ranch House and Stable, from Schleich, is perfect for them to live out their countryside dreams.

The Large House and Stable playset is a true-to-life recreation of an actual ranch and is close to the layout of most country homes. The coloring on the set is heavily inspired by ranch houses with its inviting white exterior, traditional picket fences, and brightly colored pink roof. The ranch’s roof is even topped with a horse-inspired weather vein for extra decorative flair. 

What’s special about the ranch set in particular is the interior of the house, which includes three stories, a spiral staircase, and an attached balcony for the three included tiny ranchers to enjoy after a long day’s work. The stables are just as impressive as the ranch house, with two beautifully detailed holding stables and attached corral. It’s the perfect size for the two included horse figures to roam around in and is the perfect setup for equestrian die-hards. 

The luxurious ranch and stable set offers kids multiple levels and impressive attention to detail. The pieces included in the set are all as detailed as the house and stables. Nothing in the set is flimsy or poorly rendered; in fact, the different pieces are masterfully crafted. From the horses with their realistic, textured manes and coats to the tiniest divots and lines on the veggies, everything is uniform in quality and appearance. These details make the playset appear as a real, tangible place. 

Schleich’s attention to detail encourages kids to step into the Horse Club world and take on the role of a rancher. They’ll be able to decorate the home with its included variety of furniture to really make the space their own, all while pretending to ride horses and tame wily stallions. The playset encourages kids to use their imaginations and step into a role they may not otherwise get to experience. The design will encourage kids to craft all kinds of stories as they play, creating endless fun for animal lovers at any age.

Schleich’s Horse Club Large Ranch House and Stable includes one 23.62-inch long by 16.53-inch tall ranch house; one 14.57-inch long by 7.48- tall stable; two horse figures; three human figures; cat and dog figures; four fences; one spiral staircase; more than 20 pieces of furniture; and more than 45 additional decorations ranging from show ribbons to a small pecan pie model. 

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Madison Ciccarelli

Madison Ciccarelli

Madison Ciccarelli is an editorial intern for Adventure Media and Events. Her muse is her cat Enzo. She loves to spoil him whenever she can. When she isn’t fawning over her cat, she can usually be found playing video games, listening to folk music, or watching classic horror movies.