Let your kids leap into learning with LeapFrog Academy! Don’t worry, this isn’t an actual place, but rather a magical realm that kids can access from a computer, phone, or tablet via the app or website. Think of it like a beautiful video game that is educational, entertaining, and easily accessible.

This interactive learning experience is created for kiddos ages 3 to 6, and contains more than 1,000 interactive learning games and activities. While it is a single-player guided learning experience (if you have multiple kids, you can all play with separate avatars on the same account), parents can stay alongside children and watch as they embark on this enriching journey, which features curriculum for preschoolers through first graders. Through fun “Learning Adventures,” kids will be able to sharpen and expand their math, reading, science, problem solving, creativity, and social-emotional skills. And just like in a video game, kids will be able to name, design, and dress their own avatar. (Don’t worry, it’s a rather mild and simple gaming experience—nothing like the Super Mario games they’ll be playing in a few years.)

Types of Learning Adventures include: Introduction To Preschool; Exploring Numbers and Letters; Colors, Music and Letters; Introduction to Kindergarten; Math and Science; Critical Thinking Skills, and more!  Each Learning Adventure features age-appropriate games, Ebooks,videos, and activities  that teach core school and life skills.

Your kids will be captivated by the colors and vibrance of this whimsical forest-esque world (If you’ve ever played Animal Crossing, LeapFrog Academy has a similar aesthetic and feel but for a younger audience.) While kids are jumping over logs or parading over bridges constructed from colored pencils or rulers, they won’t even realize they just practiced their alphabet, counting, or sounds. My work wives and I played one challenge in the Learning Adventure: Introduction to Kindergarten, where we had to click on the iceberg on the screen with the correct spelling, after a certain word was sounded out. Think words like: fun, cat, and other three letter words! Even though we mastered spelling years ago and didn’t have to think too hard for the right answer, it was still pretty addicting to play!

Kids will be motivated to complete the challenges, as they advance to new Learning Adventures. The great thing about this game is it contains the subject matter of a pre-K/first grade curriculum, blended with the competitive nature of a video game to really get children excited about learning and improving their skills. And if they ever like the game, challenge, or puzzle they’re playing and want to come back to it later, they can save it in their favorites, which can be accessed from the home screen to play anytime (no internet required for games or activities “favorited,” so kids can play offline).

Designed by award-winning educational experts, LeapFrog Academy tracks your child’s learning progress, and notes which subjects your child struggles with the most. Using that data, the game provides extra practice in subjects they need help mastering and serves up more difficult activities designed to keep them challenged. Just like in school, kids advance learning adventures instead of academic years. Pretty neat, huh?

Now if you’re still skeptical about relinquishing the traditional educational workbook experience for a virtual one, new users can try LeapFrog Academy free for one month to get a feel for the game. After the trial is over, users can continue their academy experience for $7.99 a month, which, if you think about it, is about what one would pay for a box of flashcards or other educational materials except this is waaaaay more fun. And with more than 1,000 games and activities, this is a program worth investing in for much longer than a month. It really is like a virtual academy. I’m kind of jealous they didn’t have this around when I was in pre-k!

Play on a LeapFrog Epic, Android, iPad, iPhone, Windows computer, or Mac using a Wi-Fi connection, or choose favorite games and activities to play offline any time on your phone or tablet.

Will you make the leap?

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Kelly Corbett

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