Kids can go on a soundscape adventure with LeapPods Max. | Source: Leapfrog

LeapPods Max bring fun, well, to the max!

These new headphones from LeapFrog are so much more than just headphones (although they do include a cable or Bluetooth capabilities to hook up to kids’ devices). LeapPods Max come packed with educational adventures, music, mindfulness activities, and more.

Let’s start this adventure with Adventures! The LeapPods Max come with a 14-page booklet that features images of the Amazon Rainforest, African Savanna, a seascape, and more! Kids pair the detailed images with stories from their “tour guides” in each part of the world. In the Amazon rainforest, kids make their way through the forest while they learn about each of the animals and how the rainforest works. Watch out for the green anaconda! Kids will be able to use their imaginations to truly believe they’re traveling through these worlds. It’s a unique way to learn because it utilizes what kids do best — imagine!

Take a break from learning with a Dance Party. Kids can get their wiggles out with “Silly Willy Was a Walrus,” “Dance-O-Rama Llama,” and more. They can also get wiggly with special challenges, which provide a different beat for kids to dance along to and follow the prompts. In “Wiggle Freeze,” they wiggle wiggle wiggle and then … freeze! In “Bird’s the Word,” they move like birds from all over the world.

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The learning songs are absolute bops if I do say so myself. There are 10 covering topics about everything from “Dew Drops” to “Healthy Snacks.” In “Brush My Teeth,” kids can sing along as they get ready for bed, and in “I Am Me,” they learn that it’s OK to be sad sometimes and that we’re all important.

LeapPods Max features green, soft cushions around the ears. | Source: LeapFrog

On the topic of self-care, Quiet Time helps kids take time to themselves with 10 mindfulness exercises. The first track, “I am Still” helps them take a moment to imagine themselves as a giant, strong tree. The music that surrounds the talking prompt is calming and keeps you present. The affirmations remind kids that they have a strong purpose in the world and that they are allowed time for themselves. This is something we often forget as adults in our crazy, fast-paced lives, so it’s wonderful that kids as young as 4 years old can get the message early. And parents, it’s OK to borrow the LeapPods Max after your little one is asleep and get in on the SEL-action yourself. I might just use my pair for hectic rides on the New York City subway. The instrumentals section also provides a calming environment with 10 smooth tracks.

Parents might be wanting to turn in their fruit-named headphones for this set. The sound quality rivals that of $100+ pairs and since the LeapPods go over kids’ ears, the noise cancellation truly works well. (I’m not kidding about using these on the subway! As I type this I’m listening to my music with them.) It also features a volume max that doesn’t get too high to protect little ears.

LeapFrog brings maximum fun with these headphones!

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