The LEGO Duplo Number Train – Learn to Count | Source: LEGO/the Toy Insider

All aboard! LEGO’s offering one-way tickets to the land of numbers and colors, and all kids are invited!

The LEGO Duplo Number Train is the latest addition to the LEGO Duplo series, a collection of LEGO construction sets aimed to support child development by sharpening cognitive, social, creative, and physical skills. Designed for toddlers ages 18 months and up, the Duplo Number Train Learn to Count playset is a great play-and-learn introduction to numbers and colors.

The set includes 10 stackable blocks numbered from 0-9 and four train carriages that kids can attach via hooks. Each piece in the set is a different color, and the number blocks progress in order corresponding to the ROY-G-BIV model of the rainbow (one is red, nine is purple, etc.). Little hands can stack or unstack these blocks to investigate different numerical patterns. The pieces are wider than standard LEGOs, making it easier for young kids to use them independently.

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Toddlers can complete the train with the locomotive pieces, two LEGO Duplo people figures, and a dog LEGO Duplo figure, creating an imaginative play experience as they use the figures to load and unload the number blocks from the train.

The LEGO Number Train is engaging and easy to use. Little ones might need assistance to initially connect the train cars, but the blocks and figures attach with little to no hassle. If parents are looking to get involved in the learning experience, they can use the blocks to present different challenges — whether they be number-focused, color-focused, or a combination — that will encourage problem-solving and innovative thinking. This playset is both a practical and creative way to introduce developing brains to the world around them!

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