Downtown Flower and Design Stores | Source: LEGO

LEGO is finally launching their new building sets for this year. While there are great options for adults and teens, there are also 20 new LEGO Friends sets that are great for kids ages 6 and up

LEGO Friends help kids develop social-emotional skills as they work together to build and role-play with the mini dolls that come with each kit. Here are just a few of the new sets that dropped this week!

Older kids can build a more ambitious set with the Downtown Flower and Design Stores set. Designed for preteens ages 12 and up, the biggest set in this LEGO Friends launch comes with more than 2,000 pieces that kids can put together to create purple and yellow storefronts on Unity Street. The visual difference between the classic florist storefront and the angular design building with huge, open windows makes for a great playground for kids and their LEGO Friends. The Downtown Flower and Design Stores set is available for $159.99. Buy it here. Other new business-themed LEGO Friends sets include the Donut Shop, the Organic Grocery Store, the Hair Salon, the Mobile Bubble Tea Shop, the Heartlake Downtown Diner, and the Skate Park

Autumn’s House | Source: LEGO

Exploration and hobbies take center stage in the LEGO Friends Autumn’s House set, which includes mini dolls who enjoy taking care of animals, nature spotting, baking, and more! This set comes with four friends who share a charming and rustic blue-and-green house together. The Autumn’s House set is designed for kids ages 7 and up and is available for $69.99. Buy it here. Other new LEGO Friends houses include the Mobile Tiny House, Paisley’s House, and the Holiday Camping Trip set.

Heartlake International School | Source: LEGO

Kids can take educational adventures home with Heartlake International School. The build is modular, so kids ages 8 and up can design a school to suit their interests. The set comes with different rooms, including a science room, a media room, an art room, and more for kids to explore with their LEGO Friends. Heartlake International School is available for $99.99. Buy it here

Cat Hotel | Source: LEGO

Young cat lovers will find the Cat Hotel to be the purr-fect place to fulfill their hospitality aspirations by taking care of kitty guests. The set includes everything needed to build a kitty paradise, including cat trees, treats, and fish. The Cat Hotel set is available for $29.99. Buy it here. Other new animal-themed LEGO Friends sets include the Dog Rescue Bike, the Dog Rescue Center, and the Dog Rescue Van.

Leo’s Room | Source: LEGO

The new drop also features some of the LEGO Friends’ bedrooms, showcasing their personal style and hobbies. In Leo’s Room, Leo has all the equipment set up to make videos for his baking channel, but he also shows off his surf board, fishing rod, soccer net, and, of course, cat. Leo’s Room is available for $19.99. Buy it here. Other bedroom sets include Aliya’s Room, Nova’s Room, and Liann’s Room.

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With hours worth of building, imagination, and role-playing to come in these new LEGO Friends sets, Heartlake City is growing bigger than ever!

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