Become an internet safety hero by playing LEGO’s new Smart Dash game. | Source: The LEGO Group

As the internet becomes a bigger part of our lives, it is also a growing concern for families. Since kids are starting to use technology more frequently and at an earlier age, modern parents need to find ways to share with their kids the importance of protecting themselves online. 

The LEGO Group is launching a series of tools to empower kids with ways to stay secure online for Safer Internet Day. The Play Smart initiative helps families create safe digital spaces so kids can be free to have fun. 

The first tool to spark conversation between kids and parents about online habits is the 4-step Play Smart guide. The steps include not sharing personal details or passwords, making sure you learn more about the people you are playing with, respecting other players, and understanding the importance of taking breaks and being active with your screen time decisions. These tips and tricks will show kids the importance of kind gameplay and protecting themselves from sharing private information or playing with unsafe people.

Learning about internet safety does not have to be boring. The Smart Dash mini skills game features a set of LEGO Minifigures that race against time to collect stars. Players must answer questions and solve challenges about safe gaming. Kids can play alone, or the two-player mode offers a great bonding experience for kids and parents. Start playing Smart Dash here.

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Fans of the colorful Australian gaming influencer LoserFruit will enjoy the engaging videos on important topics such as online bullying and managing screen time. If parents need help starting the discussion about internet safety, these videos are a great way to open the door. The videos are available here.

Celebrate Safer Internet Day with these useful resources from LEGO Group. The Play Smart tools arm kids with the knowledge to navigate the big world of online gaming and fight against negativity and danger, allowing them to pursue their interests with kindness and excitement. 

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