What happens when you have LEGO bricks and big ideas?

Chronicle Books has the answer with the new LEGO Heroes book. In the book, author and expert LEGO builder Graham E. Hancock explores 12 different builds that have done good in the world. Hancock is known for his love of LEGOs. An editor at Blocks Magazine, a publication devoted to all things LEGO, Graham has plenty of prior experience writing about his favorite bricks. Now, he takes readers through an inspiring tale of LEGOs used to solve problems in sustainability, technology, accessibility, and more.

LEGO Heroes: LEGO Builders Changing Our World — One Brick at a Time features 12 stories of builders of different ages across the globe, all devoted to using LEGO to help make the world a better place. Whether making a wheelchair for an injured turtle, assisting with coral preservation research, or developing prosthetic arms, creative builders have used LEGOs in a variety of settings and builds to help solve big problems.

The new LEGO Heroes book is available now for interested readers. Join the best of the builders as they tackle challenges using their favorite Bricks in this book perfect for inspiring little LEGO fans everywhere.


This book highlights 12 LEGO builders that have used the well-known construction toy to tackle problems in sustainability, education, and research. It features stories of building projects, such as a wheelchair for a hurt turtle and custom prosthetic arms, all made with LEGOs.

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  • $18.95
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  • 12+

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