Minions are becoming kung fu masters! | Source: Illumination

Gru’s Minions are going on an adventure as you’ve never seen before — and they’re taking on a new form. Illumination’s minions are morphing into LEGOs as they brave a kung fu-filled experience to prepare for next year’s upcoming film, Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Illumination is giving families a sneak peek of the new movie with a new, animated short on YouTube: Minions: The Kung Fu Master. Families can watch Kevin, Bob, Stuart, and their whole gang as they are challenged with breaking a LEGO board. Fans can then visit the dojo off the screen with LEGO’s new Minions collection featuring five different sets detailing their upcoming adventures.

The Kung Fu Battle set, available for $40, is inspired by the short film and designed for kids ages 6 and up. Otto, Stuart, and Kevin can interact with the brick temple by launching “fireworks,” throwing golden bananas, or hoisting up a LEGO dragon. A wide array of mini-weapons are included, so the Minions are ready for any challenge that’s thrown at them!

The other four sets are a preview of what’s to come in Minions: The Rise of Gru. Enthusiastic aviators ages 4 and up can build the Pilot in Training set for $29.99. Send Bob and Stuart on a secret mission with a planeload of mini-accessories, including a fart blaster, a hot dog, briefcases, and of course, a banana.

Send Minions down the slide or make them run down the ramp in the Gru’s Lab set! | Source: LEGO

Sneak into a secret hideout with the Gru’s Lab set for $19.99. Kids ages 4 and up can test out their most daring LEGO experiments as they send Otto and Kevin down a ramp or tinker away with small LEGO tools. If the Minions are working hard and crave a little snack, bananas are included to keep their energy going.

Energetic builders ages 6 and up can get their fix with the Unstoppable Bike Chase set, priced at $19.99. Kids can build bikes and act out their favorite high-speed chase scenes with Gru, Bob, and Stuart. Ride solo or attach a Minion-sized vehicle to the back to venture around with friends!

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Finally, the huge Minions lair set is a whopping 876 pieces, recommended for kids ages 8 and up. For $49.99, kids can build two towering Minions that they can open to reveal a secret hideout stocked with everything Kevin or Bob might need as they practice the art of kung fu. Kids can twist and turn the lair’s eyes, so those in hiding can keep track of anyone who might want to infiltrate the brick building.

These LEGO playsets are available on LEGO’s website, Amazon, Walmart, or Target. Check out the animated Minions short below.

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