It’s-a-me, LEGO Mario! LEGO introduced an entire new Super Mario line this year — and it’s the perfect way to level up playtime.

This new line looks as if Mario and friends jumped into a warp pipe and landed in a LEGO world. It features a couple of different sets and expansion packs, but the keystone is the Adventure Starter Course. This set comes with the highly interactive LEGO Mario figure, which actually reacts to the playset itself (more on that later!).

The Starter Course Set contains 231 pieces, so while it isn’t a super quick and simple build, it won’t take kids too long to construct. Kids can also rebuild the Starter Course — or combine it with any of the expansion packs — to build up new worlds and levels, whether they’re familiar and from the game or brand-new and from your imagination.

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Now, get ready for a major Star Boost: Within those 231 pieces are seven Action Bricks, which react in real-time with the included interactive LEGO Mario figure. The figure features color sensors as well as LCD screens in his eyes, mouth, and belly to display more than 100 instant reactions to movement. The figure also has a speaker that plays iconic game sounds and music from the game (and that’ll get a big “Wahoo!” from Mario fans).

Kids can use the interactive figure to move through the LEGO playset, collecting virtual coins (of course!) as they go. As he runs and jumps from the Start Pipe to the Goal Pole, he’ll venture over LEGO bricks, cloud platforms, those iconic “?” blocks, and — of course — encounter the Goomba and Bowser Jr. figures along the way. There is no victory without beating the bad guys, right?

An added bonus of this set is that multiple kids will love to play with it at the same time — and parents will absolutely want to join in, too. It’s fun for the whole family. This set really brings this family-favorite video game world to life. If you were introduced to Mario nearly 40 years ago, building up these sets will give you that full-body nostalgia warmth. If you just met Mario recently, you’ll still love to bring his world to life through interactive and engaging play. It’s-a-win, for sure!

As if all of that wasn’t enough, there is also a LEGO Super Mario app that kids can download, featuring building instructions, inspiration for fun, creative ways to play, and more. It’s like your own little stash of power-ups.

This set is an interactive gaming experience that is guaranteed Super Mario fun for the whole family — no cheat codes required.

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