Lil’ Butters are back
, with even more personality than before.

Series two of the sassy line of 4-inch collectible figures from Snap Toys is here and features incredible new designs bursting with color and spunk.

Just like the Lil’ Butters from series one, each of the six new figures features a pair of oversized butterfly wings and swirly antennae. The new gals include Boho Chic, Diva a la Mode, Level Up, Rebel Heart, Indie Life, and London Luv.

Each kid has his or her own unique personality made up of different emotions, expressions, and interests; and each Lil’ Butter figure represents a different element of a child’s personality, so kids can create a collection of figures that reflect who they are.

The cheeky little figures have unique outfits, hairstyles, facial expressions, and wing graphics. London, Luv! features the British flag on her wings, along with iconic London fare, such as a teacup, royal crown, and telephone booth. She’s all about exploring new places, going on new adventures, and making memories abroad. Diva a la Mode is basically a professional shopper, and features cat-eye glasses and accessory-clad wings. She’s obsessed with finding good sales and strutting her stuff while keeping up with the latest trends.

Boho chic is a vibrant ray of positivity, with paisley and floral wings, and a headband wrapping around her forehead. She’s all about living a beautiful life and appreciating all the little things. Indie Life has quirky purple hair and thick-framed glasses, with wings featuring vinyl records, headphones, and coffee cups. She’s the token hipster of the group.

Rebel Heart features lavish eye lashes, dark red lipstick, and some seriously punk-rock wings. She believes in rocking to your own tune and dreaming in full color. Finally, Level Up! sports a gaming controller on her chest, bright blue pigtails, and 8-bit inspired wings. She’s the perfect power-up pal who believes in escaping reality to find adventure in fun, fantasy worlds.

No element of surprise here: All of the figures are housed in see-through packaging, so kids can evaluate which Lil’ Butter best suits them before purchasing. The figures also feature signature phrases and bios that match their styles. For example, Indie Life’s packaging reads “Born an ORIGINAL,” while Level Up!’s says “Gaming is in my DNA” (same, girl).

Lil’ Butters are totally vibrant and unique compared to other collectibles on the market. Absolutely perfect for tough-to-buy-for tweens and teens, once you see all of them, it’ll be nearly impossible to choose a favorite. A great addition to a bookshelf, desk, or locker, these collectible dolls reflect kids’ complex personalities with more options than ever before.

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