Sugar, and spice, and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of—plus a little attitude, spunk, and some sick dance moves.

Tweens and teens are full of personality, and Lil’ Butters, a new line of 4-inch collectibles from Snap Toys, let kids explore every side of themselves. Each short and squat figure features a fun pair of oversized butterfly wings and swirly antennae. Lil’ Butters are available in six different styles, including Love Stinks, Sweet Beats, Superhero, Whatever!, Mellow Bliss, and Lovey Dovey.

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Each figure features a unique outfit, hairstyle, facial expression, and wing graphics that reinforce its name and personality. Love Stinks sports a crop of spiky pink hair, which goes perfectly with her mean scowl and black dress. Her wings feature graffiti-style “love stinks” lettering, broken hearts, and explosive graphics on a tough black background. Lovey Dovey, on the other hand, has a more positive approach to love, with enormous heart-shaped pupils, a light pink dress, and doodle-style hearts and “love” text on her wings.

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Whatever! is the punk rock princess of the bunch, with purple, pink, and black plaid print, and star and skull graphics on her wings. Her hot pink pigtails match her serious eyes, which are pronounced with black eyeliner so epic even Avril Lavigne would be jealous. Mellow Bliss is pure zen with closed eyes, a soft smile, and rainbow peace signs all over her wings; while Sweet Beats is ready to boogie with her pink sunglasses, long blue hair, and play buttons on her electro-cool wings.

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Superhero is the standout social butterfly, ready for action with her yellow supersuit, pigtail buns, and blue mask. Her tough expression is sure to send the bad guys into hiding, and her wings feature comic book-inspired graphics, including onomatopoeia “bang,” “crash,” and “pow” text. This Lil’ Butter is the definition of girl power.

All of the figures are housed in see-through packaging, so kids can clearly see all of the awesome elements of each figure before they decide which one suits them best. The figures also feature signature phrases and bios that match their styles. For example, Mellow Bliss’ packaging reads “Think peace. Think love. Think harmony,” while Sweet Beats’ says “Dance like no one’s watching.”

At just $8.99 each, kids may not even have to choose between the adorable characters—especially since they represent feelings and attitudes that we all experience at one point or another. In addition to just looking great, the Lil’ Butters have positive messaging, and even help with social-emotional intelligence. It’s OK for kids to be in a crummy mood and let the world know, just like it’s OK for them to be brave, silly, relaxed, and heartbroken.

Lil’ Butters are perfect for tough-to-buy-for tweens and teens. A great addition to a bookshelf, desk, or locker, these new figures let kids spread their wings and express themselves in an original, unique way.

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