Lil Wish Lanterns have 32 collectible Wishimals that kids can find in blind bags or playlets. | Source: Intersell

Wishing has never been a cuter pastime. 

The Lil Wish Lanterns are a new line of collectible toys distributed by Intersell. There are two different parts to any Lil Wish collection: the lanterns and the Wishimals. 

There are many ways to collect all 32 Wishimals. | Source: Intersell

There are four different lanterns to collect from the four lands of Wishlandia: Friendship, Love, Courage, and Happiness. The key to Lil Wish Lanterns are the Wishimals, creatures that kids put in the lanterns that reflect and play with the rainbow light. When they are all lit up, the Wishimals look like crystals. There are 32 Wishimals for kids to collect through blind bags and playsets

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Phil Albritton, the creator of Lil Wish Lanterns, says that his kids’ bedtime routine was the main inspiration behind the toy. 

“The concept for Lil Wish Lanterns came from a storytelling experience I had with my own kids,” Albritton says. “Every night during the height of the pandemic I would tell my son and daughter a bedtime story. It was a scary time and we all needed a bit of light and positivity. We made a wish for the world to heal and for things to get better. My kids’ nightly wishes became the foundation on which we built the Lil Wish Lanterns universe.”

Lil Wish Lanterns are good for kids ages 3 and up and are available at Amazon and in stores at Learning Express from $3.99-24.99.

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