The Linkimals Light Up & Learn Owl features lights and sounds. | Source: Mattel/The Toy Insider

Who — Who’s ready to learn and play?!

If you answered the toddler in your life, then you may want to pick up the Fisher-Price Linkimals Light-Up & Learn Owl from Mattel. The expressive owl lights up, talks, sings, and teaches kids everything from the weather to emotions.

This little owl is always ready to play, when kept on it falls into a sleep mode but exclaims “I was just resting my eyes” when kids press any of its buttons. There are different songs (more than 90 total) and sounds for each of the buttons, with each one focusing on a different skill. Whenever it speaks or sings, its mouth lights up as its lips move and its eyes express how it’s feeling.

Toddlers can jazz along as they learn the numbers 1-20 or join a dance party! It also focuses on the weather, the ABCs, dates, and — my favorite — emotions. When kids press the button that features happy and sad faces, the owl encourages them to make a face that shows how they’re feeling. It also lights up with either a happy or sad face and shares that all emotions are valid.


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There is also a button that features a question mark in the middle of the owl’s chest, and when kids press it they’ll learn some fun facts about owls! For example, did you know that some owls bark? 

My daughter is a few months shy of the 18 months age range for this toy, but it’s her current playroom obsession. While she doesn’t yet have the dexterity to push the buttons herself, she enjoys watching the owl’s expressive lights and listening to its noises (she claps every time it “hoos”). She also enjoys picking it up and throwing it on the ground, something which an older toddler might outgrow (or just be better at doing). I was nervous she actually broke the toy because it encourages kids to dance along with it, so I thought it should be dancing. 


It turns out, kids can actually get the owl swinging side to side on their own. I actually like this better as my daughter is currently in a stage during which she finds toys that move on their own to be terrifying (I get it). It also encourages kids to get moving, but use their brain power to get their new pal moving as well.

Overall, there’s owlot to love about the Fisher-Price Linkimals Light-Up & Learn Owl. Plus, if the toddler in your life has other Linkimals toys at home, they will talk, sing, and play together if they are close by — now that’s a hoot!

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