Kids can connect multiple mini Lite-Brites into larger pictures! | Source: Basic Fun!

The classic toy is back … with a miniature option!

Basic Fun! launched the Lite-Brite Mini-X Connect, a mini Lite-Brite that measures just 5.5 inches, perfect for creating art on the go. This new toy comes with eight design templates, and more than 200 pegs for kids to make pictures with. Kids can follow the templates or go wild creating their own designs. Kids can make the small art templates even larger by hooking multiple Mini-X Connects together to create a huge picture. 

Hasbro’s Lite-Brite got its start back in the ‘60s, and has been going strong since. Kids can place the colored, plastic pegs into the lightbox to create a light-up picture. The toy has a variety of versions kids can play with, with different shapes and gimmicks.

If kids want even more mini peg art, the Lite-Brite Mini is 3.5 inches and is also available at online retailers. For big pictures without the connecting element, the Lite-Brite Ultimate Classic channels all the joy of the original Lite-Brite toys. 

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The Lite-Brite Mini-X Connect is available for purchase now in stores and online retailers for $9.99. The new toy features miniature Lite-Brite art, with the added bonus of bigger pictures if kids get multiple Connects. Get to making the brightest of art with the new Lite-Brite!

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