Wall decor can be so complicated. Finding the perfect piece to tie a whole room together is a daunting process, but Basic Fun! is bringing a nostalgic punch to the scene with the Lite-Brite Wall Art POP sets!

Compared to classic Lite-Brites, the Wall Art is huge at 16 by 16 inches. With more than 6,000 mini pegs to work with, it also has more detail than ever. The Lite-Brite comes with three templates for teens to design their own wall art: a woman looking through binoculars, a mouth saying “Aha!,” and a bunch of pink and yellow bananas.

Personally, I chose to make the banana picture. The process is simple: Use the peg holders or fingers to place the mini pegs in the matching spots on the Lite-Brite. I would recommend using the peg holders to put the pegs in the board. When I used my hands instead, I started getting blisters on the tips of my fingers. Each picture does not use all of the mini pegs colors, so there will be some full bags at the end to store with the unused templates. 

The Lite-Brite Wall Art runs using AA batteries or a micro USB. | Source: Basic Fun!

Completing the Lite-Brite takes a few hours at least. In all, I spent almost 7 hours working on it. While it takes a long time, it is the perfect quiet activity to do while playing music, watching TV, or just hanging around the house. 

When the art is done, teens can either stand it up using the included props or hang it on a wall. You can also plug it in using a micro USB or six AA batteries (not included). If teens thought that the Lite-Brite was impressive before they turned it on, they’ll be blown away with the final product. 

My only issue with this set is that there wasn’t enough of one of the colors to finish the set. The banana picture used up all the yellow mini-pegs, but I needed one or two handfuls more to finish it up. I used the dark tan color to replace those yellow pegs, which didn’t make too much of a difference, but it was noticeable.

Whether teens are looking for an eye-catching piece for their bedroom or adults want something nostalgic to look at in their living room, the Lite-Brite Wall Art lights up any room it’s in with a pop of color.


Create light-up wall art with this mega-size Lite-Brite. It features a 16-by-16-inch grid, 6,000 mini pegs, 45 LED lights, and three pop-art design templates. Display on a wall or a tabletop using the included stand.

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