Preschoolers can pretend play with the Sweet Baby Nursery dolls. | Source: Madame Alexander Doll Co./the Toy Insider

If you are somewhat familiar with Madame Alexander dolls, you may think the dolls are only for collectors or older kids. However, Madame Alexander has an amazing line of nursery dolls that are perfect for your little one.

The Madame Alexander Doll Co. has been making heirloom quality dolls for almost 100 years. The dolls are made to be played with and have distinctive features. As a result, they are perfect for gift-giving — and the company’s newest dolls are great for the littlest ones in your life.

The Sweet Baby Nursery Little Love doll collection is perfect for toddlers ages 2 and up. The dolls are 12 inches tall and are a great size for little hands and arms to hold. Plus, this line of baby dolls is designed to engage little ones’ senses because they are crafted with soft, fabric bodies and outfits. The faces are vinyl and are scented with a calming lavender aroma.

For many grownups, dolls are go-to gifts for preschoolers and toddlers, since kids are at a point in their development when it is important to learn to nurture, and oftentimes, will seek out nurturing play patterns themselves. As a result, dolls help out with young kids’ social-emotional development, and toddlers and preschoolers often want to feel like a caregiver. Additionally, dolls like these are the perfect way to prepare kids for an impending sibling, and to develop empathy and self-care habits.

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These dolls make the perfect gift for toddlers. | Source: Madame Alexander Doll Co.

What is especially wonderful about the Madame Alexander Little Love Essentials line is that it has everything your baby needs for pretend play and role playing. There are two sets — the Princess set and the Llama set. The Sweet Baby Nursery Little Love Princess set comes with the baby doll wearing a headband, a soft onesie with a crown, and a pink tutu. It also has a pink blanket and a pink bottle. The Sweet Baby Nursery Little Love Llama Set comes with the baby doll wearing a headband and a pink-and-purple jumper and leggings. Plus, it comes with a purple bib, a purple bottle, a pink blanket, and a pink llama lovey. Plus, parents will love that they can easily sanitize them with a disinfecting cloth.

Whichever set you chose to gift, kids will cherish playing with their new playmate for many years to come.

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