Kids can explore the world with an Early Explorers subscription! | Source: Little Passports

Kids learn about the world around them through movies, stories, and more, but other countries can still seem so far away when they’re behind a screen or pressed in the pages of a book. With its Early Explorers subscription, Little Passports delivers new experiences right to kids’ doorsteps. 

Designed for kids ages 3-5, the Early Explorers subscription starts with a suitcase full of activities to encourage learning and adventure. Some of the activities include a 24-piece puzzle of a world map featuring different landmarks and objects; a diorama with cardboard pop-out characters, props, and set pieces; and a guidebook full of activities, such as tracing letters and numbers, mazes, spot-the-difference games, coloring sheets, and more.

The first delivery really sets up kids for great adventures. Not only does it give kids an idea of what’s to come, but kids can also reuse some of the pieces when playing with future deliveries. For example, each kit comes with a set of stickers that kids can place on the suitcase and the map to show off where Little Passports has taken them. The guidebook’s activities are stimulating and help kids learn about colors, letters, counting, shapes, and more! For example, one activity has kids connect the names of each continent with their outlines using a colored crayon. 

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Every month after the first, kids get a new exploration delivered to them! Some of the kit themes include science, plants, landmarks, music, and more. My ocean-themed kit included a 24-piece puzzle, trading cards with facts about different ocean animals, a sheet of stickers for my suitcase and map, another activity book, and a wooden fishing game. The fishing game comes with a fishing rod that kids can use to pick up fish, crabs, and other sea creatures!

Each delivery comes with a new activity unique to kit’s theme. | Source: Little Passports

Kids and parents alike will enjoy the Early Explorers subscription. For kids, there is a new surprise every month that will lead to hours of learning. For parents, the Early Explorers subscription is easily accessible and doesn’t require any planning to keep kids occupied with new activities. 

Kids will find new topics to explore with these subscription kits. Without curation, learning can be difficult to manage outside of school, especially when you don’t know where to start. Now, it’s easier than ever!

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