Go on different outdoor play adventures! | Source: MGA Entertainment/The Toy Insider

Land, space, or sea — what type of adventure will it be? Whether it is a safari, a submarine, or a space rover, kids can go on an adventure with one (or more!) of the vehicles in the Little Tikes Big Adventures collection from MGA Entertainment. Each toy vehicle combines play and learning possibilities because each has fundamental and functional STEM tools.

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The Safari SUV has binoculars with 3x magnifcation, a real-working flashlight, and a true north compass that kids can use to explore. Since each accessory functions, kids can add real-life exploration to their imaginary play. Each is cleverly hidden throughout the vehicle: The compass is the spare tire; the binoculars are hidden under the chassis; and the flashlight doubles as the light bar on the top of the SUV. Kids can also stash their found treasure inside the automobile!

Each toy has three unique features for kids to explore! | Source: MGA Entertainment/The Toy Insider

The Space Rover comes with a microscope, a magnetic crane, and a grabber. Kids can remove the grabber for play independent of the vehicle, and the magnetic crane really picks up metal objects. The vehicle has a hidden slide so kids can place an object on it, put it back in the rover, and then use the microscope (complete with 3x magnification power) to study their specimen. Kids can stash their space rocks inside the rover, too!

Kids can use the Submarine’s water sprayer, sifting net, and built-in underwater viewer for super fun water play, perfect for this time of year! They can remove the sprayer, which doubles as the submarine’s skids, or remove the grid on the front of the submarine, which transforms into a sifter so that kids can search the sand for seashells and more!

Having these functions on each toy makes it more engaging for kids to explore, be creative, and craft stories. Additionally, each toy is designed for play both inside and outside. For example, the submarine, is a perfect plaything for the beach, the pool, or even the bathtub. Each vehicle has soft edges for a better tactile experience for smaller hands, too.

So, pick an adventure and head out on some of your biggest adventures yet with Little Tikes. The only thing to decide is safari, space, or sea — but we suggest all three!

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