The eco-friendly box transforms into a playset so there’s no need to deal with single-use packaging that will end up in the trash. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Now that kids are heading back to school, breaking the monotony of homework and chores can be rough, but it’s important to leave a little space for fun family time! Parents can help create special moments with this action-packed kit that literally brings the arcade right to your home.

This set includes everything kids need to create their very own at-home arcade. | Source: MGA Entertainment

The Little Tikes Crazy Fast 4-in-1 Dunk’n, Stunt’n, Game’n Set from MGA Entertainment is packed with four different games: basketball, rings of fire, cornhole, and arcade launch. Perfect for preschoolers ages 3 and up, the set contains an epic sports vehicle, a launcher that can launch up to 50 feet, a scoreboard, two scoreboard trackers, two double-sided game plates, a game plate holder, a ramp, and a playset that doubles as a storage box! The eco-friendly box transforms into a playset, so there’s no need to deal with single-use packaging that will end up in the trash. The panels on the side of the playset feature images of a crowd cheering on players as they compete for the championship. The packaging is packed with hooks and fasteners to create a super secure playset, and it even features a handle so kids can take the set with them anywhere they go.

This launcher (pictured above) is so cool, it can launch up to 50 feet! | Source: MGA Entertainment

The process of setting up the playset is so easy, a preschooler can quickly build it with little guidance from an adult. Simply attach the scoreboard and the included playset pieces into the appropriate set for the game and then it’s time to play! The first person to reach 21 points wins, and the scoreboard makes it easy to keep track.

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Each game board features awesome graphics highlighting each game. The ring of fire game board has flames as the backdrop, while the cornhole side features an adorable ranked cornhole system. Kids can explore rings of fire with the included launcher and the vehicle or the basketball by trying to get the vehicle into the “hoop”. When they finish with one game, kids can continue swapping the game plates and taking turns using the vehicle. 

The scoreboard features awesome graphics and an easy to slide marker that keeps score. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Parents will love this toy because it’s super easy to assemble, put away, or take on the go. Kids will get a lot of use out of it because it features four different ways to play. It’s perfect for screen-free fun for the whole family, even the little ones, since it requires no complicated skills to play. Parents can even purchase more vehicles and game boards if they want to expand their set to include more games. Turn off the TV after school and open up this box of non-stop adventure!

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