The new partnership with Aquifer means adorable video messages for the kids in your life! | Source: MGA Entertainment

MGA Entertainment is expanding the beloved L.O.L. Surprise! brand with custom animated shorts from fan-favorite characters!

Partnering with Aquifer — a startup focused on instant animation results — MGA Entertainment is launching L.O.L. Surprise! Shoutouts. Similar to Cameo Kids, kids can request animated video messages from characters they love. 

The site is celebrating its launch by offering Valentine’s Day video shoutouts, customizable to friends, family, and anyone who’d appreciate receiving a cute video message. The Valentine Shoutouts are available for a limited time, but there are also Birthday, Surprise, Thank You, Proud of You, and Pep Talk Shoutouts already available on the site with a variety of featured L.O.L. Surprise characters — Neon QT, M.C. Swag, Queen Bee, and Diva.

Four different characters are currently available as stars of the custom shoutouts. | Source: MGA Entertainment

Aquifer’s system will take whatever customizations are chosen and integrate them into an animation. Customers can fill out their personalizations such as the recipient’s name and pronunciation. Voice actors read the original foundation script and the animation is built around that, with the goal of creating a more authentic experience than other custom video message offerings.

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Shoutouts are available for purchase now on the new website, with the Valentine’s special priced at $8 for a single message, $19 for three messages, and $31 for five. Give kids a message from their favorite L.O.L Surprise! character with the L.O.L. Surprise! Shoutouts.

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