Magformers Camping Adventure Set | Source: Magformers/the Toy Insider

How do kids go camping without sunscreen? By using the new Magformers Camping Adventure Set, of course!

The Magformers Camping Adventure Set brings in all the fun of outdoor camping, minus the mosquito bites. Kids ages 3 and up can immerse themselves in building — and rebuilding — a log cabin that sticks together with magnetic magic.

This magnetic building set comes with 40 pieces, including square and triangle magnets that kids can easily snap onto wall segments. The set also comes with floor plates; log windows, balconies, and bricks; a tree; a fireplace; a mini-chair; a mini-bike; and more. Kids can use these pieces to let their imagination flow, or they can use the included idea booklet, which features different structures kids can make, such as an A-frame cabin or a yurt. The set also features Mason & Mutt, figurines that kids can click onto a scooter or a skateboard to zoom around the campsite.

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There is a bit of a learning curve with assembling the camping-inspired structures from the booklet once magnets are on. It took me a couple tries to figure out how the magnets and pieces connected together. But after a few minutes, I was able to construct the two-story cabin from the idea booklet. Kids will be happy campers in no time and exercise their creative thinking to tell their own outdoor adventure story.

Magformers Camping Adventure Set | Source: Magformers

As with all Magformers sets, the magnetic pieces are designed to always attract, no matter which way kids connect them. The magnets are also strong, safe, and coated in durable, BPA-free plastic. (That being said: Magformers shouldn’t be placed in mouths or left out in the sun for too long.) Because there are so many different combinations, kids can keep coming back to discover new ways of building their campsite.

The Camping Adventure Set is also perfect for keeping active hands busy. The pieces are very durable and strong enough to endure throwing and rough play, without any sharp corners or edges. And for kids who are restless or fidgety, the pull of the magnetics and the snap of the pieces makes for a satisfying sensory playtime.

Magformers Camping Adventure Set | Source: Magformers/the Toy Insider

Parents will also love that the Camping Adventure set is so easy to store. The pieces’ snappable and magnetic nature make them easy to put back in the box when kids are done playing, despite the many individual pieces. Play at home or even take the set to the great outdoors!

The Camping Adventure set is a perfect summertime addition to the Magformers line. Its play value exceeds the price, and whether kids’ stories involve singing around the campfire or roasting marshmallows, this set promises to be an immersing and imaginative experience.

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