Build endless designs with the Magformers Penguin Cube House Set! | Source: Magformers/the Toy Insider

Here’s a sentence I bet you’ve never heard before: Kids can now be an architect for a penguin!

Made for kids ages 3 and up, the Magformers Penguin Cube House Set is one of Magformers‘ latest magnetic building toys. Kids can build endless iterations of the penguin character’s mini-home with 20 pieces, making it the perfect introductory magnetic construction set for young kids.

Kids are guaranteed a frustration-free building experience whenever they build thanks to the magic of Magformers pieces. Every piece will always connect to another each time because the magnets inside swivel and never reject. And, parents can rest assured knowing that Magformers pieces are of the utmost quality with the magnets safely sealed inside the durable, curved pieces.

Kids will know when pieces are locked together, indicated by a satisfying “click” sound. You probably wouldn’t think that a construction set could act as a fidget toy, but the snap of the magnets connecting makes for satisfying, sensory playtime. Restless, active hands will love the open-ended play that this building toy offers.

Kids can swap out the characters’ penguin hat for a bear hat! | Source: Magformers/the Toy Insider

The Penguin Cube House Set comes with a variety of pieces to encourage different builds, including triangles, squares, windows, and walls. It even comes with a few accessories like a table, fish block, and bike. And, of course, I have to give a special shout-out to the mega adorable penguin character that is dressed to look like the animal. There’s even a bear hat that kids can swap in to give their little figure a costume change.

Kids will want to keep coming back to this set not only to discover new ways of building their mini-home, but also for all of the imaginative play options. As they construct, kids can explore various storytelling possibilities and come up with new ways to play. The set also comes with a step-by-step idea booklet for follow-along ideas and instructions if kids ever need a little bit of inspiration.

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Magformers sets are also widely known to encourage STEM learning, so kids will be learning and improving brain development without even realizing it. The educational components here are hidden, so kids will never know that they are actually practicing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills just by playing. We love to see that stealth learning.

Parents will also love that this set is small enough to stack and store or take on the go. Just snap all of the pieces on top of each other, and they’re guaranteed to stick together for next time! And, of course, this set is compatible with other Magformers sets that kids may already have.

For endless building and imaginative play possibilities, the Magformers Penguin Cube House Set will be a win for your preschooler.

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