Magic Sketch Drawing Kit | Source: Boogie Board

Tired of your preschoolers marking up your freshly painted walls? Looking for a reusable canvas for your mini Van Goghs to pour out their creativity? You might just be in luck. 

The Magic Sketch Drawing Kit from Boogie Board gives kids an outlet for their boundless creativity to shine with absolutely no mess. Recommended for kids ages 4 and up, the set comes with a colorful, translucent board; 18 different drawing templates to choose from; a stylus; and three other drawing utensils. While there are dozens of reusable drawing boards out there, there are a few aspects about this new Boogie Board drawing tablet that make it worth checking out. 

Kids can use themed templates are draw freestyle. | Source: Boogie Board

One thing that sets this board apart from the rest is the Colorburst technology. After putting a template behind the screen, kids will notice that each tracing on the board comes out in a vibrant rainbow hue. That’s pretty cool! Plus, there’s a handy slot at the bottom of the board to hold the stylus. If your kids are prone to losing their belongings (and honestly, what kid isn’t?), this could help them keep track of the drawing tools so that they are readily available when it’s time to create. The storage case comes in handy, too, allowing kids to tuck everything away for the next artistic adventure.

The kit comes with six drawing templates, six games, and six learning templates, making it more than just a board to draw on. The games are pretty fun and simple. The maze activity was a favorite for my 4-year-old cousin, keeping him well-occupied with a fun challenge. The learning games are a great way to help kids practice their calligraphy by tracing letters and numbers. If kids aren’t sure what type of art they want to create, the drawing templates are helpful and full of detail. The island template in particular offers a scene with a ton of different objects to trace over.

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The board itself is pretty tiny, a bit smaller than an iPad, making it easy to snag it from your bag to entertain your little one during long car rides or while traveling. Plus, it’s waterproof and super lightweight. Since it is on the smaller side, there isn’t necessarily enough space to draw huge pictures, but, there’s a button to immediately erase the previous drawing and start a new one. This also means kids can start over as many times as they want without wasting any paper. Playing with the board could be a great tool to help kids refine their fine motor skills and spatial awareness.

For $29.99, you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck, with the templates offering countless playtime. If your kids love drawing, this might be the perfect gift for them!

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