Magna-Tiles Structures

Magna-Tiles Structures

The satisfying and seemingly magic way that magnets stick together is enough to spark creativity in any builder.

Magna-Tiles Structures sets from CreateOn combine building, storytelling, and STEAM concepts with the fun of magnets. Designed for ages 3 and up, the sets bring an element of creativity to traditional building, thanks to the magnetic, two-sided, colorfully printed tiles. There are two collections of Magna-Tiles Structures sets available: Story Sets ($39.95 each) and Building Sets ($49.95-99.95). 

Magna-Tiles Structures Story Sets

The Story Sets feature artwork from the World of Eric Carle, including sets based on the books The Very Hungry Caterpillar; Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See?; Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me; and more. Kids can recreate these classic stories by building their favorite scenes using the tiles; identifying objects, colors, and numbers through the artwork; and creating both flat and 3D designs. Each story set includes between 16-18 Magna-Tiles. Kids can build a 3D version of the caterpillar in The Very Hungry Caterpillar Set, or build a ladder to the moon in the Papa, Please Get the Moon For Me set. 

Kids can follow the instructions to build the 3D structures, or instead opt to create something entirely their own. Each Magna-Tile piece features magnets on all sides and can stick together in any configuration. Kids can also connect the tiles together to lay flat on a surface and create a string or square of sequences, which is great for storytelling and imaginative play. 

Magna-Tiles Structures Building Sets

Kids who enjoy creating bigger and more intricate structures will love the Magna-Tile Building Sets, which include between 15-53 Magna-Tiles depending on the set. The collection includes a Galaxy Rocket Ship, ABC Schoolhouse, 123 School Bus, Royal Castle, and more. One side of the tiles is printed with the details of a specific structure, while the other side of the tiles features educational patterns, pictures, words, or numbers themed to match the structure. Similar to the story sets, kids can use the educational side of the tiles to refine math, reading, and sequencing skills. The structures stay together nicely once built thanks to the magnets, but younger kids might need a little help stacking higher structures if they want the pieces to line up perfectly.

The mess-free Magna-Tiles are durable and made for repetitive play. The sets are also convenient for travel and stack together easily when not in use. Kids can develop fine motor skills when they stack, build, and click together their Magna-Tiles creations, and the sets can grow with them for years to come.

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