Kids learn valuable STEAM skills while having fun! | Source: VTech

Kids can explore a world of challenges and creativity with the Marble Rush Ultimate Set from VTech.

With more than 135 pieces of tracks, ramps, launchers, a swirly cone, and a Ferris wheel, kids can send marbles into motion while learning about acceleration, gravity, and kinetic energy. Whether following instructions or going freestyle, kids ages 4 and up can build thrilling courses complete with lights and sounds.

The tracks, launchers, and bases connect easily together. Grown-ups will appreciate that the pieces snap together to provide stability in play. Whether kids design and dismantle or create and keep playing, they can easily store the set n the packaging or leave it out on a table for continuous construction!

With more than 135 pieces, there are lots of ways to play! | Source: VTech

The easy-to-follow guide features three different builds from beginner to advanced, which makes the set adaptable for age or skill level. The different build options also foster longevity in play. The set can grow with your kid’s development. Alternatively, kids can get creative when independently creating their cool courses.

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When construction is complete, kids can drop the ten marbles into action and watch them race down ramps, swirl through slides, or face funnels of fun. However, adults should know that these are not standard-size marbles and you cannot get replacements, so make sure to properly store the marbles when not in use. (This reviewer suggests an appropriately labeled travel soap container.) In addition, the set comes with batteries, but they are intended for demo purposes only. So adults should insert new two AA and three AAA batteries before for regular use.

What makes VTech’s Marble Rush Ultimate Set unique is that kids can combine it with other Marble Rush sets to create an extreme playset and play possibilities. As kids are playing, they are learning valuable physics and architecture skills. In fact, Marble Rush is the recipient of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Accreditation Stamp of Approval from the Toy Association!

Marble run toys are great for child development. The VTech Marble Rush Ultimate Set helps kids foster intellect and imagination in one!

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