Merry Mountain is a festive Mario Kart course for kids to take on this holiday season. | Source: Nintendo

Nintendo released eight new Mario Kart 8 race tracks just in time for families to crowd around the TV for a friendly competition after Thanksgiving dinner.

The new tracks, including one holiday-themed track, make up Wave 3 of the Booster Course Pass DLC for Nintendo Switch. The Booster Course Pass features classic tracks from older versions of the Mario Kart video game on other gaming systems, including the Wii, Gameboy Advance (GBA), Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, and Mario Kart Tour. Wave 3 features the Rock Cup and the Moon Cup. Each cup has four tracks kids can race on, either locally or online!

The Rock Cup features the Tour London Loop, GBA Boo Lake, 3DS Rock Rock Mountain, and Wii Maple Treeway. The Tour London Loop drops players right into the center of London and features some of the city’s most famous landmarks. On GBA Boo Lake, players must face their fears at the haunted lake that is infested with Boos. On 3DS Rock Rock Mountain, players must navigate sharp turns and bouncing boulders. The Wii Maple Treeway is a fall-themed track that features bright foliage and Wigglers. 

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The Moon Cup includes Tour Berlin Byways, DS Peach Gardens, Merry Mountain, and 3DS Rainbow Road. Players have to dodge Whomps and Thwomps as they drift through Germany in Tour Berlin Byways. Kids can explore the grounds of Peach’s castle, including chirping birds, colorful flowers, and Chain Chomps, in DS Peach Gardens. Merry Mountain is a holiday-themed track covered in snow, huge candy canes, and wrapped presents. 3DS Rainbow Road is the Mario Kart 7 version of the most iconic Mario Kart track. 

The Booster Course Pass currently has 24 tracks, but three more waves of tracks will launch next year. To get these tracks, adults can get a subscription to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack starting at $49.99 for one year or by buying the Booster Course Pass for $24.99 at

Whether kids are speeding through Merry Mountain or one of the other new tracks, Mario Kart 8 is ready for the holidays.

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