Princess Pillow Mask N’ Pal | source: Toot Sweet Toys/the Toy Insider

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Princesses go hand-in-hand, right?

Mask ‘n Pals from Toot Sweet Toys creates a way for protective face coverings and play to come together. Kids can match the Pillow People with a mask that’s designed to look just like their plush pal. I reviewed Princess Pillow, but kids can also choose Crusher (a football player) or Evan Elephant.

If someone had told me about a year ago that now I would be reviewing a plush toy that came with a face mask for kids, I would have told them they’re crazier than the Tiger King. Yet, here we are. In this past year, we have seen toy companies jump to protect kids and families, keeping play at the forefront but at the same time adapting to the times in a heartwarming way.

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Princess Pillow is a soft, cuddly plush that brings a little magic into your life with a felt wand and wings. It features a pink smile and star-struck cheeks, something kids can match with the included mask. True to her name, Princess Pillow is rectangular in shape, donned in pink, and very royal. At 14-inches tall, it’s a great size for hugging. The whole Pillow People crew is meant to make kids feel safe and secure at bedtime, and the matching mask can make them feel the same while the pandemic continues.

Evan Elephant is a character from the Peek-A-Boo Zoo and Crusher is from the Pillow People Pros. Both also keep kids safe and secure, but offer different options that are no less magical.

Mask ‘n Pals Crusher and Evan Elephant | Source: Toot Sweet Toys/the Toy Insider

Toot Sweet Toys mentions on their website that the included masks are not yet FDA approved or intended for medical use. However, I learned from Bill Nye the Science Guy (my go-to for all of life’s questions) that one way to test a mask for its usefulness is to put it on and try to blow out a candle. This isn’t foolproof, and definitely not recommended for kids to try, but it does let you know if a mask is completely useless at stopping germs from getting out. The masks that come with Mask n’ Pals are made of a cotton-polyester blend and I had a hard time blowing out a candle with it on (that’s a good thing!).

Mask N’ Pals masks | source: Toot Sweet Toys

One of the most important things when it comes to masks is the fit. These masks have a chin flap that tucks under kids’ faces to fit them better. Each one measures 6.5 by 4.875 inches, meaning it should fit kids easily (but it is a little small for reviewers in their mid-20s).

Kids can feel safe with Mask n’ Pals, whether the Pillow People are their bedtime buddies or they’re outside with the mask on. Play might look a little different right now, but kids will always find a way!

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