Match Madness Duo | Source: FoxMind

Put away those boring games and add some zip to your game night! FoxMind is launching a follow-up to its popular Match Madness game, called Match Madness Duo.

The card game combines engaging puzzles with speed-driven dexterity challenges as players race to solve the puzzle on the card by flipping, rotating, and combining identical sets of five patterned blocks. There are two game modes: Quick-Play (play for speed) and Total Madness (highest score wins). Players will need sharp eyes, fast hands, and quick minds to play, as the game encourages players to think critically, experiment, and develop new strategies to solve the puzzles quickly. 

Source: FoxMind

Recommended for kids ages 8 and up, Match Madness Duo has three different difficulty levels and more than 60 challenges. Players can enjoy the game in groups of two or they can play solo to solve the puzzles at their own pace or try to beat their best times. The blocks feature a more abstract design than in the original Match Madness, increasing the difficulty level.

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In the original Match Madness game, players also race to arrange a set of five blocks so that they match a pattern shown on a card. The first player to succeed grabs the card and a new matching race starts. Families can play this version with 2-4 players and it is recommended for kids ages 7 and up.

Match Madness Duo is available on Amazon for $19.99. The original Match Madness is available at Target for $29.99.

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