Matchbox Action Driver Super Clean Car Wash Packaging | Source: Mattel

When you think “fun,” car washes usually aren’t the first thing to come to mind. We all remember getting dragged to the local car cleaners when we were young. Sometimes watching the splashers hit the windows was amusing, but after a few times it can become a bit of a bore. 

This new playset from Mattel isn’t any ordinary trip to the car spa, though. With the Matchbox Action Driver Super Clean Car Wash, kids ages 3 and up can have full control over their very own imaginary car cleaning establishment. Inside the packaging lies a mini version of the exact sort of place kids whine about going to, but instead of idly sitting in the backseat, they can own and operate the car wash themselves with a ton of fun features that make it all the more real!

While they may not be old enough to get behind the wheel, the Matchbox playset comes with an authentic 2020 Chevrolet Corvette at a mini scale of 1:64. If you have a soon-to-be car junkie on your hands, giving them their own Corvette will definitely bring a great deal of excitement! 

After taking their sick, new pair of wheels out for a spin around the roads aligning the playset, kids can enter the car wash for the pretend cleaning to begin. When the Corvette is guided through the entryway, lights flicker and *wooshing* sounds emit from the working spinners and rollers, adding a truly realistic effect to the experience — without any water. Images of the cleaning process slide through a little sign that’s positioned in front of the car wash window. Once the Corvette is out of the wash, kids can give the car over to the trusty worker at the final station. There’s even a vacuum pump on the corner to make sure the Corvette is dry and ready to race!

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Once the car’s all good to go, kids can set their Corvette in the parking lot. The lot has additional spaces for any other cars in your little one’s playbin (or garage).

The magic of Matchbox is that kids can combine separate playsets to create mini metropolitan areas. If your kids have their own little Matchbox city in development, the car wash could be a great addition to make their community feel whole. 

See, car washes can be fun! If your kids are looking to expand their Matchbox collection or just want to get their hands on a 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, the car wash playset might just be worth a try!

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