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In 2018, the online game Among Us took the internet by storm. Uncovering the imposter was certainly no easy feat, and now, the digital challenge of betrayal and deceit is leveling up in a new card game from PMI. 

Matchify: Among Us is the latest theme of the rapid-thinking game Matchify. Designed for players ages 5 and up, the game includes a Matchify Among Us tin and 72 cards that are split evenly into a turquoise deck and a yellow deck. The combined decks feature a total of 64 Among Us crew mates complete with funky accessories like a fried egg top hat or a pilot uniform. These accessories, silly as they seem, are the key component to victory. 

The objective of the game is simple: to match as many crew members as you can. A match is constituted by two crew members that wear the same accessory. The catch? A match only counts if the crew members are different colors. In other words, two yellow crew mates wearing the same top hat are not a match, but a yellow crew mate and pink crew mate wearing the same top hat are a match. 

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Two to eight players can pile the yellow and blue decks, place them face-up, and go through the pile looking for matches. The first player to call out the match — whether by naming the accessory or just making an indiscernible noise (which, honestly, happens more often than not) — receives the card. The player with the most cards wins the game!  

There are four other mini matching games players can enjoy with Matchify: Among Us, which all feature Matchify’s same high-speed intensity. Detailed instructions for these mini games are included in the instruction manual, along with a key of all the various crew mates and their matches. 

Matchify: Among Us is the perfect competitive addition to any game night. With simple instructions and challenging gameplay, kids and parents alike will love going head-to-head in search of the match among them! Even if players are not familiar with Among Us, they can still enjoy this high-speed matching game.

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