Barbie can treat her miniature patients to the best medical care! | Source: Mattel/The Toy Insider

If “doctor” is on your kids’ list of things they might want to be when they grow up, then add the  Barbie Fast Cast Clinic from Mattel to your holiday shopping list.

With this awesome playset, kids can help Barbie treat her pint-sized patients in the Fast Cast Clinic, complete with an exam table, X-ray machine, and medical station. If any fellow friends come for a medical visit, they can also stop at the gift shop, too!

There are more than 30 accessories in the set—everything from a balloon and teddy bear to a face mask and crutches. The playset even includes a full-sized Barbie doll, and kids can use dolls or other toys they already have as patients. Whomever Barbie treats, she can do it with the best medical care, because she can also make her arm and leg casts with the included molds and dough!

The set is also flexible enough that children can play solo or they can role play with friends.  In addition, grownups may like knowing that Barbie is not necessarily marketed as a doctor in this set, and she could be a nurse or a medical student, letting kids decide her profession. This reviewer thinks the open-ended play pattern means this set could even be used as a veterinarian clinic for animal-lovers!

The Fast Cast Clinic allows for a variety of configurations for open-ended play | Source: Mattel

The set is made up of individual, free-floating pieces, so kids can decide how to set up the clinic and where everything can go. Perhaps Barbie is just an X-Ray technician, so, she only needs the X-Ray Machine. Or maybe the gift shop can be a flower shop at the Barbie Dreamhouse. Kids can pick and choose to organize and lay out the pieces however they see fit to play. This flexibility factor fosters more imaginative play possibilities.

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This set is also great for kids who also may be timid about getting their medical treatment. Grownups can preview upcoming appointments,  putting kids at ease. Older kids can enjoy the medical play and think about all the aspects of treating patients to inspire their future career goals!

While there are a lot of little pieces, grownups can store most of the accessories in the cabinet in the medical station. Plus, even though may dough may run out, it is easy to replace!

All in all, Barbie is sharing another career with a playable playset that can provide hours of fun and a lifetime of career goals!

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