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When it comes to mobile app games, Angry Birds by far stole the spotlight in 2010.

With over 50 million downloads, it has become a game that is truly loved by children of all ages. In my family it is being played daily by not only my husband, but my in-laws, and yes even my 5 year old.

This past holiday,  along with their special edition, advent-like holiday Angry Birds, app developers Rovio were quick to create other merchandise for their hot-selling app and sold plush characters in their online store (My 5 year old very quickly added them to his list).

So what does Angry Birds have in store for 2011?

Well if your family is as in love with this mobile app as mine are, they will be over the moon to hear the buzz coming from the Mattel booth at CES this past week.

Expected to hit shelves this spring, Mattel will be releasing an Angry Birds card game and “Knock on Wood” play set.

The Angry Birds “Knock on Wood” play set is suggested for children 5+ and will include all of your favorite birds, pigs and a sling-shot. The set is expected to retail for $15.



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