Karma’s World Singing Star Karma Doll | Source: Mattel

Karma’s World debuted on Netflix last year, following a lyrically gifted middle schooler named Karma as she juggles rap dreams and solves problems with talent, ambition, and heart. The animated series was created by Chris “Ludacris” Bridges to help generate more positive portrayals of Black girls in pop culture, and Season 3 debuted just last week with even more original songs focusing on issues such as self-esteem, body positivity, discrimination, creativity, expressing emotions, friendship, family, leadership, celebrating differences, and more.

Mattel is getting in on the good karma and good vibes with a new toy line based on the series. We finally have more information on the dolls, playsets, and roleplay toys in the new collection!

Karma’s World Core Fashion Doll Assortment | Source: Mattel

Recommended for kids ages 3 and up, the dolls are available in different characters and styles that cover a range of price points. The Karma’s World Core Fashion Doll Assortment features Karma, Winston, and Switch for $12.99 each (launching on July 17). Kids can dress Karma in more elaborate outfits with the Karma’s World School to Stage Doll and Fashions (available on July 17 for $19.99), which comes with multiple fashions and accessories that kids can mix and match. 

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The Karma’s World The Go Girls Multi-Pack Dolls comes in a set of four dolls that includes Karma, Switch, Sabiya, and Demi Ray from the show. This set launches on July 17 at Walmart for $39.99. On Oct. 22, the Karma’s World Karma Grant and Friends Dolls will launch at Amazon for $39.99, featuring a multi-pack of Karma, Switch, Winston, and pet Major dolls that come with musical accessories like a mic stand, a guitar, a keyboard, and more.

Karma’s World Rap Star Karma Doll (left), Community Juice Bar Accessory (middle), and Karma Grant and Lady K Dolls (right) | Source: Mattel

For more music-centered play, the Karma’s World Rap Star Karma Doll comes with a glittery microphone, headphones, and a speaker, as well as multiple outfits available at Target on July 17 for $19.99. The Karma’s World Singing Star Karma Doll (available on July 17 for $24.99). will rap a song from the show when kids’ lift her arm. The Karma’s World Karma Grant and Lady K Dolls will be available at Target on July 17 as a set of two for $24.99. The duo comes with two microphones and a collectible record that unlocks a song clip in the Transforming Musical Stage playset (sold separately). 

Karma’s World Doll And Bedroom To Stage Playset | Source: Mattel

For more detailed playsets, the Karma’s World Karma Grant’s Slumber Party Dolls is a 15-piece set that comes with two dolls (Karma and Switch) dressed in their pajamas. Launching at Walmart on July 22 for $29.99, it also comes with accessories like sleeping bags, a karaoke machine, a mic, popcorn, a hairbrush, a hair bonnet, slippers, and more. The Karma’s World Community Juice Bar Accessory (launching at Target on July 22 for $29.99) is a 20-piece set that comes with a Karma doll, a juice bar, a garden box with removable fruits and veggies, a blender, a karaoke machine, pet Major, and more, inspired by the episode in which Karma saves her community garden. Kids can pretend to mix beats with the Karma’s World Doll and Music Studio Playset (available on July 17 for $29.99), or transform Karma’s bedroom into a musical arena (with lights and sound effects) with the Karma’s World Doll and Bedroom to Stage Playset (launching on Oct. 22 for $44.99).

Karma’s World Styling Head Accessory | Source: Mattel

Kids can style Karma’s hair with the Karma’s World Styling Head Accessory, available on July 17 for $29.99. It comes with accessories that work on real hair, too, so kids can style their own hair like Karma’s.

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Fans can act out a starring role on the show with the Karma’s World Role Play Microphone, available on July 17 for $9.99. When kids press the button, they can duet with Karma or drop their own beats and rhymes. They can also hear even more songs from the show with the Karma’s World Music Journal, launching on Oct. 22 at Walmart. It looks just like Karma’s journal and comes with a notebook, a marker, and a secret compartment with a tiny record player. When kids pop in the records (the set comes with two), they can play song clips from the show’s soundtrack. They can also collect even more records (sold separately) from other Karma’s World dolls and playsets to unlock more song clips. Plus, they can also write in it because it is a real journal, too.

In the meantime, your kids can get to know Karma even more by streaming Karma’s World on Netflix.

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