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Fill the summer season with loads of bubbles in a snap — or a spin — with Sunny Days Entertainment’s Maxx Bubbles Spinning Bubble Streamers.

Designed for kids ages 3 and up, this bubble wand creates tons of bubbles with a simple twirl of the wrist. Kids can share one of the two wands included, or go at it with both arms waving in circles to create even more bubbles.

The bubble streamers come in two alternating color combinations with pink and magenta as the primary base colors. The streamers are durable in design and lightweight enough for kids to use with ease. The wands will definitely last for multiple bubble-making sessions. The soft handle helps kids keep their grip while they’re waving the streamers around. The streamer portion is made of soft rubber and glides around the wands with no interference.

Maxx Bubbles Spinning Bubble Streamers | Source: Sunny Days Entertainment/the Toy Insider

To set the toy up, just pour some of the included 4-ounce bottle of Maxx Bubbles bubble solution into the sturdy dipping pan that’s built to help eliminate spilling. The streamer is long and flexible enough that kids need to fold it into threes to fully submerge it and to make sure that the 10 bubble rings make contact with the liquid. If playing indoors, expect to deal with some dripping of the solution while playing and be prepped with some towels, or a designated space for clean-up.

Once kids remove the streamer, it’s time to start spinning some bubbles. Kids can fill the area around them with tiny bubbles with one spin. The Spinning Bubble Wand is a great outdoor activity and can help younger kids create loads of bubbles that they may not normally be able to achieve by just blowing through a single bubble wand. Parents can also encourage sharing the toy because it’s always more fun to create maximum bubbles with a friend.

After kids have had their fill of bubbles, they can use the dipping pan to store the wands upright. Priced at $12.99, the wand makes a great gift to share this springtime for instant fun outdoors. Set up takes less than a minute and your kids are ready to start spinning.

With the Maxx Bubbles Spinning Bubbles Streamers, kids will be chasing hundreds of bubbles in no time.

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