Kids will have a latte fun pretending to be a barista! | Source: Melissa & Doug

Kids will have a latte love for the play possibilities of the Wooden Cafe Barista Coffee Shop from Melissa and Doug!

This is a brew-tiful wooden play set with 35 pieces for kids to pretend to run a coffee shop. There is a checkout station on a swiveling pay terminal, including a rewards card and credit card. Plus, it includes pretend food and drink-making tools for the perfect blend of play.

Kids have the perfect blend of accessories to serve up the fun! | Source: Melissa & Doug

Kids can place their coffee shop counter on many solid grounds — such as a table, countertop or the floor — then serve up mugs and kisses with a built-in play espresso maker, drink dispenser, and frother. Of course, to be the best barista, kids can make sure they meet the tall orders and the grande expectations of their pretend patrons with the play drink inserts, tea bags, milk, whipped topping, sugar packets, and more. And you can’t go to the coffee shop without grabbing a snack, so kids can also serve up a juice box, a cookie, a granola bar, and cake pops with their included menu!

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In addition to the role-play possibilities, this play set also offers mug-nificent educational opportunities to work on fine motor development, counting and sorting skills, color recognition, and storytelling. There are no batteries or screens, and the wooden construction lets kids play for years to come.

All in all, grownups will mocha kids happy with this play set!

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