Let’s face it—a lot of games we used to play as kids now only appear on touch screens or have gone completely extinct. Kids today will have a totally different experience from many of the playthings we marveled over when we were younger. But some games still play great in their original form and don’t need a modern makeover to excite kids. Remember Memory?

Memory Matching Game, from Kahootz’ Romper Room line, is just like you remember it as a kid. The goal of this visual recall game is to remember where the pictures are in order to collect the most matching pairs. When you make a match, you collect those cards, and when you don’t make a match, you flip the cards back over. This particular set from Kahootz’s includes 72 picture cards and an organizer tray for the cards to live in after the game is over.

Each card in this game is beautifully illustrated with a fun object on it. Players can expect to see and remember cards with bicycles on them, jump ropes, skates, piggybanks, more! Just like in the old days, the youngest player goes first (…or at least that’s how we played it in my house 😊).

This game, designed for kids ages 3 and up, is perfect to get those little noggins critically thinking and help kids become familiar with everyday objects. Challenge kids even more by removing one card from the set to make the matches uneven. Don’t forget to shuffle the cards in between games!

PRO TIP: Try not to forget where everything is!

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Kelly Corbett

Kelly Corbett

Kelly is an editorial assistant at Adventure Publishing Group. When she's not writing/playing/thinking about toys, she's probably spilling coffee on herself, laughing at her own jokes, or doing something awkward somewhere. As a quirky redhead, she one time tricked her friends into thinking she was the new face of Wendy's fast-food franchise as a prank. She's not, but a chili lover can dream right? You can follow her on Twitter @kcorbzz.