For 10 years, kids have been running, dodging, and jumping in Minion Rush. To celebrate the anniversary of the video game, Gameloft and Illumination are holding new challenges and events for kids to rush into.

The Minions want to help the celebration efforts by carving Gru’s face into the moon. Kids can help them get the job done by collecting oxygen tanks, hammers, rocket parts, and lasers. Then, kids will take the Minions to the U.S. to build a playground and play iconic American sports, including football, baseball, and basketball. 

Minion Rush World Tour will celebrate players around the world! | Source: Gameloft

Minion Rush is also traveling the world with the World Tour event, which will take kids to countries including Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, and more. Special, in-game rewards will be available during these events, including unlocking a new playable character, Phil! Later this year, Minion Rush will also launch an event inspired by the Villain-Con Minion Blast ride that is opening at Universal Orlando Resort this summer.

With so many events coming up in Minion Rush this summer, kids will have more fun than ever running along with their favorite yellow creatures! The game is available to download on Apple Store, Google Play, Amazon, and Facebook Gaming.

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