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This ride-on is worthy of Minnie Mouse‘s signature phrase: “Oh, my!”

Made for toddlers ages 18 months and up, this Minnie Mouse 6V Sidecar Scooter from Dynacraft delivers a sweet ride with Disney style. Perfect to drive around the house but durable enough for an outdoor ride, your kids will look cute as a button riding this adorable scooter.

Suitably sized for little ones, you can’t miss this hot pink-colored ride. This sit-down scooter definitely has a look that is more similar to a Vespa, featuring a seat and a backrest for a comfortable ride. It is adorned with white polka dots, a heart-shaped headlight, chunky lavender wheels, and Minnie’s signature bow. Kids will be whisked away into a world filled with imagination with Minnie Mouse, popsicle, and ice cream graphics sprinkled throughout the ride.

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Even better, kids won’t have to ride without their favorite companions. A sidecar is attached to the left-hand side of the scooter with a seat that is just the right size for their plush or dolls (may I suggest a Minnie Mouse plush?). The sidecar is also equipped with three removable ice cream cones to add to the theme, so kids can take their favorite toys for a spin and cruise with their sidekicks while delivering sweet treats.

Youngsters will control the scooter with an easy-to-use, heart-shaped foot pedal, which will also turn on the front headlight. The pressure on the pedal also controls the speed, which goes up to 2 mph. When kids are done riding for the day, parents can recharge this ride-on’s battery.

No matter where kids ride this Minnie Mouse 6V Sidecar Scooter, they’re definitely in for a supremely sweet time!

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