Snuggle up with one of these meow-volous misfits! | Source: BasicFun!/The Toy Insider

Misfittens are the cat’s meow! These purrfect plush from Basic Fun will have kids wanting to litter-ally collect them all!

Inside one of the eight collectible bottles, kids can discover one of 12 unique kittens that have gotten themselves into a tight spot (as cats are known to do). After unscrewing the top, pull the kitten by the tail, and kids will discover a feline that goes from packed to poof! Fluff it up, and kids will have their own chunky kitten to cuddle.

Misfittens are cattastic collectibles! | Source: Basic Fun!

What makes these plush fun is that kids can stuff them back into their cans again and again. Misfittens are made of a super soft material that makes them easy to squeeze and stuff into the smallest spaces. Apart from the can, kids can find other safe places to see where their kitties can go. They also make for perfect travel companions because you can squeeze them into a backpack or suitcase. This reviewer felt the size made for a unique travel pillow!

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They are also fun to toss or even use for a game of hide and seek. One child can hide it, and another can try to find it. Since the Misfitten can get into a tight spot, the possibilities of where to hide it are endless!

All in all, any one of these Misfittens can be a child’s new best fur-end!

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