The new additions to Modi Toys’ plush collection | Source: Modi Toys

Modi Toys is adding two goddesses to its plush collection of Hindu deities: Saraswati Devi (the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts) and Durga Devi (the goddess of power and protection). 

Modi Toys was founded by Hindu siblings who wanted to pass down their Hindu faith to their first-generation American kids. They created a line of plush toys with associated books to help share Hinduism through the stories of its deities. 

The plush Durga Devi sings five Durga mantras when kids press the belly. She also features a trishul — also known as a trident — in her left hand, while offering blessings with her right hand. Since Durga is never seen without her trusted lion, the plush Durga Devi also comes with a plush lion that sits wrapped around her. The 6-inch version is available for $23.50 and the 10-inch version is available for $41.

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The plush Saraswati Devi is also available in two sizes: small (6 inches) for $20.50 or medium (10 inches) for $39. Both versions sing mantras, but only the medium-size version plays both mantras and instrumental veena music. 

The small versions of both deities feature a Velcro strap so that kids or parents can easily attach it to a bag, a car seat, or a stroller. Parents can personalize the medium versions with a word, a name, or initials for an additional fee. The toys are available at, along with a larger plush collection and board books about the deities.

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