Monster Jam Mystery Mudders | Source: Spin Master/The Toy Insider

Gentlekids, rev your engines!

If you’ve ever been to a Monster Jam show, then you know that the excitement comes from seeing those larger-than-life monster trucks kicking up mud as they pop wheelies and do stunts in the dirt. Just when you think your kids have enough toy vehicles, Spin Master comes out with something new that mimics the Monster Jam experience with an outer layer of “mud” that kids can rinse off to reveal a 1:64-scale, die-cast monster truck.

There are more than 100 versions to collect and parents can look for the name of the Monster Jam trucks on the package to keep kids happy whether they are Team Grave Digger or Team Blue Thunder, while still giving kids the surprise reveal element. Although “mud” sounds like a complete mess, it’s really not that messy at all. The trucks have a brown coating that is kind of like paint. It is dry to the touch until kids run it under a faucet or dunk it in water to see it run off. It doesn’t get slimy or stain the sink and it wipes away quickly like watercolors. Kids can even flake off the top layer with a coin like a lottery ticket if they want to keep things dry, although that might make things messier than the water reveal.

Once the mud layer is gone, kids will see vibrant Monster Jam designs modeled after some of their favorite stunt trucks. They feature official BKT tires and a styled chassis to make kids feel like they are driving in their own Monster Jam show so the fun continues even after the reveal. The rolling tires will remain a brown muddy color to look like they were racing through the dirt, which makes them even more realistic for role playing.

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These monster trucks are only $5.99 each, making it easy to start a collection or surprise kids in their Easter baskets or for other celebrations. There is also a QR Code on the packaging that kids can scan to keep track of which trucks they have in their Monster Jam arsenal, making them even more collectible. These trucks are a simple, affordable way for kids to enjoy classic play patterns or to hold them over until you can get them to a real Monster Jam event.

Kids can get down and dirty — without too much of a mess — with Monster Jam Mystery Mudders!

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