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If you think it’s “Inconceivable” (Princess Bride, 1987) that there is a toy that your teen will love — then “snap out of it!” (Moonstruck, 1987) and get Clipology from Moose Toys because it’s the “stuff that dreams are made of”! (The Maltese Falcon, 1941)

Clipology is a streaming board game with thousands of movie-based trivia questions and video puzzlers. It is game time plus screentime featuring real clips from the world’s best movies and TV shows. From Jurassic Park to Trolls and Dreamworks to Lionsgate, it combines traditional board game play with modern technology. Everyone who plays will need a table, phone, or TV, but Clipology is housed on a cloud-based platform, so there is no app — just put in the access code and start playing!

Great for parties and family game night! | Source: Moose Toys

Players answer questions from the cards or a streaming device. Some questions might ask the name of the actress with the red hair in a particular movie or what’s the line spoken by the actor in a particular scene. There are more than 12 video categories like “Name that Movie,” “Freeze Frame,” and more. The questions cover all of your favorite titles, and the questions are updated to keep the game current each time you play. You’ll need two or more players to play the game, and the game is best if all the players are ages 13 and up!

Binge watchers will love bringing this game home! | Source: Moose Toys

The game can be played with everyone in the room, but it can also be played remotely over web-conferencing services like Zoom. This game is perfect for teen sleepovers, college nights, and parent parties. Kids can see how hip their grandparents are, and parents have a way to connect with their kids!

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If you have someone in your life that is a film connoisseur, recites show lines, or has a T-shirt collection with quotes from their favorite Hollywood blockbuster movies, then Clipology will take them “To infinity … and beyond” (Toy Story, 1995)!

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