Get the perfect pal for dessert!

Cuddle Barn is known for its collection of cute plush toys that are sure to charm any kid in need of a bedtime buddy, and the Mooshakes are no exception. These cuddly cows are designed to look like milkshakes, with a whole variety of different flavor options. The newest series features five new “flavors” to choose from, with colors and toppings to match.

The Matcha Mooshake is a pleasant green, the Sakura is pink, the Witchy Brew is purple with some spooky toppers like a skull and a mushroom, and the Cosmic is galaxy blue with a star and a moon on top. The Black Sesame Mooshake is only available at retail stores such as Claire’s and Hot Topic. 

Cuddle Barn has plenty more plushies for kids to enjoy if they can’t resist adding more than just new Mooshakes to their collection. Wawa the Froggie and the PlushGoals Planet series are just two examples of the huge variety of plush toys the company has to offer.

The new Mooshake plush flavors are available now for $27.99 each on the Cuddle Barn website and at participating retailers. Pick a favorite flavor and give the perfect gift to kids with a sweet tooth!


These 10-inch plush cows are designed to look like milkshakes. This second series features the following "flavors": Matcha, Cosmic, Sakura, Witchy Vibes, and Black Sesame.

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  • $27.99
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  • 0+

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