The summer that Pokémon Go! came out was one of the first that people realized VR could offer up huge fun without any special accessories. There’s something so cool about seeing a fictional world within your own. Now, Jazwares has something brand new — and it’s pretty sweet.

The packaging for Nanables keeps one of the two dolls — called Nanos — a surprise! Nanos have a huge personality despite not even measuring even an inch in size. They arrive with a sugary house from either Rainbow Way or Sweetness Town. Each town has six possible houses and 24 Nanos to collect.

The houses are colorful confectionaries with hidden secrets all around. Kids can hold one up to their eye to peep inside the window! The dolls are just as bright as the houses, and they have cute names, such as Macy A. Roon and Scuttles McTaffy. There’s also a booklet included so that kids can keep track of which ones they’ve collected.

Download the free Nanables app to unlock their true potential. Kids can create a Nano to resemble themselves and then take it on adventures. The app mixes VR with the toy itself. Kids can press the scan button and then hold the phone up to fit the toy inside the sketch. Scanning can be a little tricky, so parents should lend a helping hand.

Once it’s scanned, the house will sit in the middle of the town. In my case, the town was firmly on my desk but kids can create it in their rooms, at a friend’s house, or anywhere the app goes! It became a wonderland of pastel that my Nano could walk through to find new activities.

The more houses kids collect, the more special activities they can unlock. Even if not using the app the toy creates a fun, candy-coated world that brings imaginations to the other side of the rainbow

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Nicole Savas

Nicole Savas

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